How to get from Zadar Airport to Novalja?

Novalja is Croatia’s premier party destination with the world famous Zrce Beach and its mega clubs drawing tens of thousands of visitors each summer to experience what the world’s best DJ’s have to offer. With clubs like Papaya, which made the top 100 clubs in the world, as well as NOA, Aquarius, Euphoria, Cocomo and Kalypso, Novalja is a lively beachside town ideal for anyone looking for a good time.

How to get from Zadar Airport to Novalja: Quick and Easy Guide?

Traveling from Zadar Airport to Novalja is a popular summer journey that many visitors take to reach the beautiful island of Pag, known for its stunningbeaches and wild electronic music festivals. Novalja is a destination that attracts tourists from all over the world, and knowing the transportation options available can assist you in making the journey as smooth as possible.

Travelers looking to get to their accommodation from Zadar Airport to Novalja have a few options available to them which include public buses, taxis, car rentals and private transfers. Each option offers a different balance of cost, comfort, and convenience, which I will explore to help you to make an informed decision. Whether one is seeking the most budget-friendly method, the quickest way to reach Novalja, or the most comfortable travel experience, it’s essential to understand the nuances of each mode of transport.

I will provide insights into how to navigate the local transportation system, where to find the relevant schedules, and what one can expect in terms of travel time and expense. With the proper guidance, travelers can look forward to commencing their Adriatic adventure with ease and confidence, fully prepared for the experience that awaits them in Novalja.

Zadar Airport to Novalja Transfer

The most comfortable, convenient, and best way to travel is by private transfer from Zadar Airport to Novalja. With this service you will get a professional driver, with a new vehicle that speaks English. There is a meet and greet service so you will be picked you up at airport arrivals, your driver will be standing there holding up your name on a sign board, and the driver will assist you with your bags and you will be on your way to Novalja. Every vehicle has free wifi so you can stay connected while on route to Novalja. It is worth mentioning that private transfer prices are fixed unlike a taxi that operates on a meter. This option is hassle free and means that you there is no waiting and you can get right into PARTYING! Prices for a Zadar Airport to Novalja Private transfer start from 105 Euro for a car suitable for up to 3 passengers or a minivan suitable for up to 8 passengers which will set you back 135 Euro. You can check out private transfer prices here .

Zadar Airport to Novalja Taxi

Zadar Airport has taxis available located just outside arrivals, however, they are notorious for ripping off unsuspecting holidaymakers so we suggest you do not use them. The price of the taxi is anywhere from 110-150 Euro if you don’t get ripped off. If you decide to use a Taxi we suggest using an UBER or Bolt where you have transparency on the price. With that said their prices significantly increase during peak periods like music festivals so you will pay anywhere from 110 Euro - 200 Euro for a small taxi transfer.

Getting to Novalja by Bus

There is a public bus service available to get you to Novalja from Zadar Airport. It is cheap and cost you 12-22 Euro but it’s really inconvenient and requires you to get 2 buses. The first bus is from the airport to the Zadar Bus Station and then the second bus from Zadar Bus Station to Novalja Bus Station. Then you will also need transport from Novalja Bus Station to your accommodation. The other drawback is if you have lots of luggage. If you have time and a low budget then the taking the bus to Novalja is a good tranport option for you.

Novalja Bus Schedules and Departures

Departure times for buses to Novalja may vary, but popular departures usually coincide with common flight arrival times. For up-to-date information, I advise checking the official websites of the bus companies providing a service to Novalja. These are Liburnija and Antonio Tours.

Ticket Purchase and Pricing

Tickets for the bus can be purchased online, at the airport, or directly on the bus. For the best deals, I recommend buying in advance. Ticket prices vary, with Liburnija d.o.o. Zadar and Antonio Tours offering competitive rates. Approximate prices range from:

Liburnija d.o.o. Zadar: 12 - 18 Euro

Antonio Tours: 15 - 22 Euro

The average travel time from Zadar to Novalja is approximately 2 hours, although this can fluctuate based on traffic conditions and wait times for the buses.

Driving from Zadar Airport to Novalja - Car Rental Options

At Zadar Airport, There are several car rental companies to choose from. Options include well-known companies such as:

To secure the best rates and availability, you should book in advance. Don't forget when to rent the vehicle you will need a valid driving license, credit card, and identification ready. We also recommend taking insurance.

In summary, by far the best way to get from Zadar Airport to Novalja or Novalja to Zadar Airport is by private transfer. You get to travel in style, stress free directly to your accommodation for less than the cost of a taxi. Book your private transfer to Zrce Beach in Novalja with Octopus Transfers here and let the partying begin!

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Where is Novalja?

Novalja is located on the island of Pag in Croatia. 

What is the distance between Zadar Airport and Novalja?

It is 85km from Zadar Airport to Novalja and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to drive to Novalja.

What are the public transportation options from Zadar Airport to Novalja?

From Zadar Airport, the main public transport options to Novalja are either bus services, which may involve a change in Zadar’s main bus station, or a taxi. There's no direct train service to Novalja.

Can I take a FlixBus from Zadar to Novalja, and where can I catch it?

Yes, FlixBus operates between Zadar and Novalja. You can catch a FlixBus from the main bus station in Zadar, which is a short bus ride from the airport.

What is the average price for a transfer or taxi from Zadar Airport to Novalja?

A private transfer from Zadar Airport to Novalja is 105 Euro for a car and 135 Euro for a minivan. You can book a ride HERE.

How long does it take to travel from Zadar Airport to Novalja by taxi or bus?

Travel time from Zadar Airport to Novalja by taxi is usually around 1.5 hours but can vary depending on traffic conditions. By bus, it can take around 2 to 3 hours, including transfer time at Zadar's main bus station.