How to get from Split Airport to Novalja?

Traveling from Split Airport to Novalja is a popular journey for visitors who are headed to Croatia's premier island party destination. Located on the island of Pag, Novalja is a hub for summer festivals and beach activities, which attracts a lively crowd every year. As you plan your trip, understanding the transport options available can make your travel smooth and stress-free.

How to get from Split Airport to Novalja & Novalja to Split Airport?

Split Airport is Croatia's second busiest airport and as such many poeple traveling to Novalja find themselves arriving at Split Airport due to the flight connections from their home country.

Several transportation modes are at your disposal, each offering a different balance of speed, price, and convenience. You have the option to take a transfer or bus, rent a car, or a taxi service to reach your destination. Assessing the available choices will help you to select the best route that aligns with your schedule and travel preferences, ensuring your journey to Novalja is as smooth as the Adriatic waters.

Understanding Split Airport to Novalja Route

Arranging your travel from Split Airport to Novalja requires knowing the distance, estimated travel time, and modes of transportation available. This section outlines crucial information to plan your journey effectively.

Distance and Travel Time

Split Airport is approximately 220 kilometers away from Novalja, a popular destination on the island of Pag. Depending on your mode of transportation, the travel time can vary:

By car: Travel time is usually around 3 hours, considering light traffic.
By bus: The trip can take approximately 4-6 hours, subject to route taken and transfer times.
By private transfer: Similar to car travel, around 3 hours.

Transport Options

Road transport are they only reasonable options available to get you from Split Airport to Novalja. You could take a private boat transfer or ferry but it would be very time consuming and costly for the boat transfer. That leaves Private Transfer, taxi, car rental and public bus as your only transport options.

Private Transfer from Split Airport to Novalja

Experience the epitome of comfort and convenience by taking a private transfer from Split Airport to Novalja. This premium service ensures a seamless journey with a professional English-speaking driver and a modern vehicle. Upon your arrival at the airport, enjoy the meet and greet service, where your driver will be readiy and waiting, holding a sign with your name on it at the airport arrivals area. Your driver will help with your bags, and you'll be swiftly transported to Novalja. Stay connected throughout the journey with complimentary wifi in every vehicle. Unlike taxis that operate on a meter, private transfer prices are fixed, starting from 235 Euro for a car accommodating up to 3 passengers and 275 Euro for a minivan suitable for up to 8 passengers. This by far the BEST way to travel to Novalja, ensuring no waiting time and allowing you to dive straight into the party atmosphere of Novalja. Book your private transfer to Novalja here.

Split Airport to Novalja Taxi

While Split Airport does have taxis conveniently located just outside arrivals, it's essential to exercise caution, as they have gained a reputation for taking advantage of unsuspecting holidaymakers. We strongly advise against using them or if you do agree on a price before sitting inside the taxi. Taxi fares can range from 300 to 450 Euro. If you opt for a taxi, consider using services like UBER or Bolt, which provide transparent pricing. However, it's worth noting that their prices can significantly surge during peak periods, such as music festivals, resulting in fares ranging from 400 Euro to 500 Euro for a standard taxi transfer. To avoid these uncertainties and ensure fair pricing, we recommend booking a private transfer where prices are fixed and agreed in advance.

Getting to Novalja from Split Airport by bus

When taking a bus from Split Airport to Novalja there is a limited number of direct services which you can book through Antonio Tours and the remaining options are the bus services that travel via Zadar bus station. The drive time when traveling through Zadar is around 6 hours while Antonio tours is about 3 hours. The bus ticket prices vary from 21 - 35 Euro. If you have a limited budget then bus is the best tranport option for you however it has its challenges. It takes much longer and when you get to the Novalja Bus Station you will need to get a taxi to your accommodation. Lastly, if you are traveling in a group then a private transfer costs around the same price.

Driving from Split Airport to Novalja - Car Rental Guide

Split Airport offers a variety of car rental options, including well-known companies such as Avis, Europcar, Last Minute and Sixt. For the best rates and to ensure they have availability, you definitely need to book in advance. 

In essence, the most efficient way to travel between Split Airport and Novalja is through a private transfer. This option allows for a stylish and stress-free journey directly to your accommodation, all at a cost lower than that of a taxi. Book your private transfer to Zrce Beach in Novalja with Octopus Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

When planning your journey from Split Airport to Novalja, it's essential to know your transport options, the costs involved, the available services, and the booking process.

What are the transportation options available from Split Airport to Novalja?

You can travel from Split Airport to Novalja by bus, private car transfer, taxi, or rental car. No train services directly connect these locations.

What is the average cost of a private transfer from Split Airport to Novalja?

A private transfer from Split Airport to Novalja typically costs between 235 and 275 euros, depending on the company and the time of day or season.

Is there a direct bus service from Split Airport to Novalja, and what is its schedule?

There is a very limited number of bus services from Split Airport to Novalja. You will usually need to transfer at Split's main bus station. The schedules are subject to change, so check latest timings with the bus operators or at the airport's information desk.

How long does it typically take to drive from Split Airport to Novalja?

The drive from Split Airport to Novalja takes approximately 2.5 hours with a car, 3 to 6 hours with a bus, considering traffic conditions, stops and the chosen route.

Can one book a transfer in advance from Split Airport to Novalja, and how?

Yes, you can book a transfer in advance. This can be done online through our website or by contacting us by email

Where is the bus station located at Split Airport for the route to Novalja?

The bus station at Split Airport is situated near the exit of the terminal building. Here, you can board a shuttle bus to Split's main bus station where you can connect to a bus to Novalja.