Dubrovnik to Split via Mostar Day Trip - One Way

440,00 € (3315.18 kn)

Private Transfer from Dubrovnik to Split via Mostar

One of the most popular places to visit when traveling from Split to Dubrovnik is the UNESCO listed old town and bridge of Mostar. This city which straddles the Neretva River is steeped in history and makes for a wonderful place to explore. We offer a private transfer from Split to Dubrovnik via Mostar so you can experience the wonders of Mostar. Our Croatian professional driver will pick you up from your accommodation and you will travel in your own private vehicle to Dubrovnik from Split via Mostar and then be dropped off at your accommodation.

Dubrovnik to Split via Mostar Transfer - Tour description

The day begins with your private driver picking you up from your hotel or any other agreed location in our modern well-equipped (air-condiitoning included) vehicle. Then we are on our way to Mostar which will take about 2 hrs 20 mins. On route you will notice that the landscape will change from the Dalmatian coast to hinterland before traveling through the beatiful Neretva valley. Then we will arrive in Mostar where you will expoeirence a totally different culture to that of Dubrovnik. Here East meets West and you will automatically notice the Ottoman Architecture. You are now the master of your own destiny and can spend your time exploring. If you would like us to organise a local guide we can do so for an additional fee. After your time is up, it's time to head for stunning Split, which will take about 2 hours 20mins.

Mostar Stari Most (Mostar Old Bridge)

The Mostar Old Bridge, also known as Stari Most, stands as an iconic landmark in the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Constructed in the 16th century by the Ottomans, it was an exemplary feat of engineering of its time. Spanning the river Neretva, the Old Bridge was not only a crucial passageway connecting the two sides of the city but also a symbol of the confluence of diverse cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

In 1993, during the Croat-Bosniak War, the bridge was destroyed, leaving a void that reflected the deep-seated divisions and the tragic consequences of the conflict. Its reconstruction, completed in 2004, served as a pivotal moment for reconciliation and was a testament to international cooperation and the community's commitment to preserving their heritage. The bridge's restoration was meticulously carried out to replicate the original design, utilizing traditional methods and local materials.

In 2005, the Old Bridge was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, cementing its status as an important monument of cultural heritage. It embodies the complexities of Mostar's history and remains a powerful symbol of the possibilities for restoration and unity in post-conflict societies. The bridge today not only attracts tourists from all over the world but also hosts the traditional annual diving competition, which has become a celebrated tradition, demonstrating the bridge's significant role in the local culture and beyond.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Split?

The distance from Dubrovnik to Split via Mostar is 280 km and the total tour time is 8 hrs.

Transfer from Dubrovnik to Split via Mostar - Tour Highights

The major highlights of Mostar is the UNESCO listed Stari Most (old bridge) and the Stunning Mostar old town. Perhaps have some lunch in one of the traditional restaurants and for history & culture be sure to visit the Kardoz Bey Mosque, war photo exhibition and the Musilbegovic house which is a national monument dating back to the 18th century.

Split to Dubrovnik via Mostar Private Transfer - What's included

Hotel/Accommodation/Airport/Port pick up & drop off

One way private transfer with a super friendly professional English speaking local driver to Mostar

Comfortable and modern air conditioned vehicle and all costs associated with the vehicle

All taxes, fees and charges associated with the transfer

3 hours wait time while you explore Mostar

Wifi in the vehicle

Dubrovnik to Split via Mostar Private Transfer Price

Car 1-3 passengers - 440 Euro

Minivan 4-8 passengers - 480 Euro

Minibus - Price upon request

These prices are per vehicle and not per person

Additional Stops

We can incorporate other sites along the route for an additional charge e.g. Kravice Waterfalls, Tekkia Blagaj, Pocitelj and Ston.
This is a private tour so we can structure the day any way you would like.

Useful Tips on your Split to Dubrovnik via Mostar Tour

Be sure to bring your camera along. You wouldnt want to miss getting a shot of one of the divers jumping from the Stari Most!

Mostar is quite hot through the summer so dress appropriately and protect yourself from the sun

Stay Hydrated, ensure you have some water. If you dont ask the driver to stop at a gas station so you can purchase some water. He will happily oblige.