How to get from Split to Mostar

The great things about visiting Croatia is its close proximity to its neighbouring countries, so you can easily head over a border for a day trip from your base in Croatia. Bosnia & Herzegovina has become an increasingly popular destination for a day trippers from Split over the past few years, with by far the most visited site the historic city of Mostar and its UNESCO listed Stari Most. Packed with scene's which wouldn’t be out of place in a film, Mostar and it's iconic old town Ottoman architecture is a superb city to visit as a day trip from Split. Experiencing this charming city is an absolute must, and is very accessible from Split.

How to Get from Split to Mostar (And Back Again) – Day trip to Mostar from Split

In short, you have three options to get from Split to Mostar. You can rent a car and drive yourself, run the gauntlet and use the bus network, or you can take a private day trip. These options all have their pro’s and con’s leaving you with a number options to fit all budgets.

Private Day Trip from Split to Mostar

If you would like to travel in style, comfort and the convenience of someone taking care of all the driving for you then a private day trip from Split to Mostar is for you. You'll be picked up at your Split accommodation in a modern well-equipped vehicle with Wifi, whisked away on your 2:30min journey through the Croatian and Bosnian countryside to Mostar. The best part is you decide when you would like to start your day trip and any stops you would like to make along the way, it’s a private transfer after all. Your professional English speaking driver will take care of the driving, so you can enjoy the views, and ensure your absolute safety. Upon arrival in Mostar, your driver will drop you off and agree on a pick-up time with you and then you are free to explore this stunning city. When you finished just meet up with the driver and you are on your way again. No waiting around. While in Mostar you may also like to take advantage of seeing some other sites which are a stone’s throw from Mostar like the magical Tekke Blagaj or Pocitelj. Just let the Driver know and you can easily make a detour. The beauty of a private day trip to Mostar from Split it that you have full control and you are not at the mercy of bus timetables, other travellers needs or inflexible itineraries. Prices start from €280 for a minivan which seats up to 8 passengers.

Drive yourself to Mostar

Car rental is a good option if you are more budget conscious and the big plus is that you can take your time and stop wherever you like. On the downside there are a few other considerations. These include:

  • whether your insurance covers you for entry in Bosnia
  • navigating the sometimes crazy roads and drivers can be challenging in a foreign country
  • Parking in Mostar can be a little tricky

Take the Bus from Split to Mostar

If you are really budget conscious then taking the bus is your best option. Several buses run daily from Split bus terminal and tickets start from €16 one way. Whilst bus is by far the cheapest option it's also the most inconvenient with the journey taking 3.5-4 hours. In addition, you are at the mercy of the limited number of bus services to Mostar, so be sure not to be late otherwise you may end up spending the night in Mostar. 

Things to See And Do in Mostar

Without a doubt, the most famous site in Mostar is its UNESCO listed Stari Most (old bridge) which has survived the test of time. The Ottoman architecture in Mostar's old town and the Neretva river which passes underneath the wonderful bridge are simply stunning. During the warmer months, you will regularly see locals diving off the bridge, into the waters below, it's quite spectacular.

The Neretva Valley itself offers several outdoor activities, such as rafting, fly fishing, walking, and kitesurfing, and is literally a stone’s throw from the town of Mostar. If you're looking to learn about the local history and culture, the Karadoz Bey Mosque is a must visit, as well as the War Photo Exhibition, a slow wander around the Old Town, the Old Bazar, and the Muslibegovic House, which is a national monument and dates back to the 18th century. If you are travelling by private transfer or have a car to get around consider visiting Medjugorje, Kravice waterfalls, Tekke Blagaj and Pocitelj.

With a Plethora of sites and experiences for the intrepid travller, a day trip from Split to Mostar is a great way to mix up your Croatian vacation with a unique cultural experience.