Dubrovnik to Kotor Day Trip

One of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik is to the stunning town of Kotor. This city sits on the shores of the beautiful Bay of Kotor which makes the place just magical.

Dubrovnik to Kotor Day Trip

The stunning town of Kotor is a labyrinth of medieval, cobbled streets that wind their way past historic churches, cathedrals, and old stone walls that have stood here for hundreds of years. The walls of Kotor stand in the shadow of imposing mountains, where high above forts and castles stand guard over the bay that stretches far out to the horizon.

It’s this bay, the Bay of Kotor, that is arguably the most impressive feature of the town. The calm waters stand perfectly still, dotted with green islands that seem to float in the distance and punctuated by the spires of monasteries and churches.

There is a lot to experience when visiting Kotor. The medieval town of Kotor is built on the shores of its namesake, the Bay of Kotor. It’s a truly supreme setting, unlike anywhere else in the world. Tall mountains line the edge of the still water. Islands spread out across the bay, and small villages stretching around the edge offer local Montenegrin experiences to visitors.

How To Spend One Day In Kotor

Spending the day in Kotor is a great idea, and not only that, it’s totally do-able in a day trip from Dubrovnik!

To help you out, let’s check out the best way to spend a day in Kotor.


You'll be up early so that you can beat the Montenegro border traffic and on your way! Once you cross the border then the first stop must be Perast where you take a boat trip to Our Lady of The Rocks. Perast is a beautiful, traditional town which is located just a short distance from Kotor. Our Lady of the Rocks is an artificial island created by rocks and then sinking ships that were then loaded with even more rocks - hence the name! The view is beautiful, and on the island, you’ll find a small but stunning Roman Catholic Church.

For those who like to hike or something, more fitness orientated perhaps climbing the Kotor Old City walls and enjoying the stunning view from the very top of the fortress?


The afternoon is going to be about sightseeing the Kotor Old Town, and you’re going to take a whistle-stop tour of the best spots in the Old Town of Kotor. You can either do this yourself on foot, or you can book a guided tour, whichever suits you. However, if you go with the guided tour option, you’ll get someone telling you all the backstories, which is never a bad thing.

The top areas to be on the lookout include the Three Town Gates, St Tryphon, the Basilica of St Luke, Grgurina Palace, Drago Palace, Pima Palace, the Napoleon Theatre, the Maritime Museum, and the market at the Sea Gate.

Kotor has more history than you might realize, but once you start exploring, you’ll quickly understand! The churches are so well preserved and beautiful, but make sure you spend some time really exploring the architecture of the Napoleon Theatre in particular. It’s best to visit the Old Town at this time of day as it will be teeming with life, which helps you really get a feel of the town and what it’s about. 

After that, it’s time to grab some lunch and a coffee to wash it down with. You have a choice to make here as there are plenty of delicious spots to eat. A few suggestions include:

Astoria Restaurant - Located in the Old Town itself, check out this restaurant for delicious local cuisine and great prices.
Cesarica - A rustic choice with some seriously delicious local cuisine to try out. Be sure to try the seafood here; it’s divine! They also have a great-priced lunch menu on offer, so you can splurge a little without worrying about the cost too much.
Luna Rossa - Another traditional restaurant, set in a stone building with an open kitchen so you can see what is being cooked. The traditional food here is delicious, but they also have several international choices, which is ideal for fussy palates.

How To Get To Kotor from Dubrovnik

You have 2 options for a Kotor day trip from Dubrovnik and they are private transfer or group tour. By private transfer, it is a 2-hour drive to Kotor and you have the flexibility to do whatever tickles your fancy at your own pace. Group tours are more rigid and you are required to stick to the pre-set itinerary and sit on a bus with many other passengers. 

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